Thursday, 6 October 2011

West Coast Park

West Coast Park used to be a place we took the kids to ride bicycles, fly kites and to climb the rope pyramid on the sandy playground. Now the kids have grown up and we have outgrown these activities. Instead, we take walks along the dedicated pathways for walking that link three distinct portions of this sprawling park. 

My favourite part of the park is the promenade where I can hear the waves lashing on the granite embankment. The rest of the park is pleasant enough with trees and shrubs of several varieties and in the middle portion of the park there is a row of cannonball trees now heavy with fruit and you can still smell the fragrance of the few flowers remaining. 

My favourite part of the park is the oldest portion where there is a pond and where I have seen big herons by its side waiting to catch their breakfast. The most distinctive feature of this part of West Coast Park are the very tall casuarina trees and the gigantic raintrees with luxuriant bird's nest ferns at their base making it appear like the trees are wearing skirts. There is a tree that has fruits that I have never seen before. Initially, I thought they were tamarinds but the leaves do not match. The fruits have grown bigger and now hang in clusters. I wonder what they are and if they are edible. Other than nature providing lots of greenery and biodiversity there is also a couple of lamp posts at the underpass that links the middle portion and the old portion of West Coast Park.

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