Monday, 26 September 2011

Rain, rain went away

There was a raging storm in the early hours of this morning and I slept right through it till it was time for me to wake up. By then only a departing drizzle greeted me as I stepped out of my house. How lovely, I thought to myself, ever optimistic that the sky  would brighten  up, promising a nice, cool walk in the park. I am not always right about the weather. However this time, I was spot on. I chose to go to West Coast Park because it would be safer to walk along the footpaths and even on the broader bicycle lanes and should the rains decide to re-visit us, there would have been ample shelters we could take refuge in. Anyway, rain when it is gone, always leaves behind freshness and a sense of renewal. The greenery appears to be brighter and in the gentle, morning light, leaves on the plants and trees look  shiny and clean.  And then, there was the extra treat of seeing lone heron by the pond that did not fly away upon my approach. It was probably a permanent resident of the park and have come to call Singapore home after a few migratory trips here. On top of that, the Cannonball trees were in various fruiting stages with one particular tree alreay adorned with a full load of cannonball-like fruits. A tree was dripping with rounded and elongated yellow fruits that we had not seen before. Interesting morning!

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