Saturday, 27 August 2011

Jurong Lake Park

A diversion from the usual parks led us to Jurong Lake Park by the side of the Chinese Garden.  I have not visited these parks for many years. The National Parks Board has worked its magic once again. See the slideshow by clicking on the photo.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hortpark Today

No walk in the park is boring
No visit is a waste of time
Every day is different
Every flower, plant or tree
not the same as the day before

Click on photo for slideshow.

Labrador Park

The rain clouds hovered close by threatening to envelop the upmarket private housing development across from Labrador Park where I was taking my walk. I blew them over to Indonesia in my mind and the rain never came. This group of private apartments that cost millions to own appeared to sway in the distance. I noticed something unusual at the top of two of the towers.
Reconstructing the Hanging Gardens of Babylon perhaps.

Anyway, Labrador park was superb as usual.
Great view of sun rising.
Happy figures welcomed us.
Ferns blushing in the the morning.
Crinum Lily (Crinum Asiaticum).
Ixora flowers.

A sunbird busy fluttering and hovering in and out of the branches and leaves of a sea-hibiscus tree.

Low tide exposures that I have not seen before from this part of Labrador Park.

A long shot of a historic building on Sentosa Island.
A house from the past, preserved for the future.
Someone had a feast here.

Fast boat to Batam.
When you hear the wind, you will see the rising of the waves.
Freshly bloomed flowers (Gustavia superba)

Crepe Ginger flower.

An Olive-backed sunbird.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Bukit Batok Nature Park

I bought the recently published book "Singapore Biodiversity - An Encyclopedia of the Natural Environment and Sustainable Development last week and learned that the definition of biodiversity which is the short form of Biology Diversity refers to "the variety of life on earth. In this post I am only sharing a miniscule bit of that diversity that I had encountered in Bukit Batok Nature Park. Still it was a memorable experience to see so much diversity in one day - fungi, trees, birds, flowers, dragonflies, blessed was my Sunday.

West Coast Park

I have resisted the temptation to take too many photos on my walks and to be more disciplined in walking for exercise rather than walking at leisure. Still, these are Nature's beautiful creations that ensnared my concentration and in these moments of weakness I did my hurried best to take note of what I have seen.

The Orchid flower trees (Bauhinia Blakeana) were adorned with freshly bloomed flowers all over.

 Two trees by a small canal looking like they were in conversation with each other.
 Palm trees golden in the sun.

 Rain tree with lots of room to grow.

 Ferns giving this tree a bearded look.
 The kingfisher amongst these branches and some distance away from me does not make an outstanding subject. So I blame my camera for its inability to focus well.

 Wait, Mr Kingfisher, wait till I get another super-duper camera.
 Wish you could smell the fragrance of these Cannonball tree flowers.