Thursday, 14 July 2011

Kentridge Park when the sun was high in the sky

I was going to drive past Kentridge Park and a spur of the moment decision had me driving up to the Kentridge carpark on a small hill. What magnetic force got me there? It was really the feeling that the day was great because it was sunny and yet it was cool. The sunlight was not blinding and it just felt like a great day and how right I was! See the slideshow here>>>

Clouds and sea.
Plane sailing by
Maiden's Jealousy - lots of them.
Kentridge Park, where is the army tank?


  1. Nice photos. Look like you own the whole Dont see anyone else there. I wonder what temple is that, look interesting.

  2. There were some people walking around and some snoozing in their stationary cars with the air-con running that I had chose to exclude from my photos. Information on the temple is here:

    I should go and visit it since the last time I went was many years ago when it was not yet renovated. Thanks for prompting me to find out more about this temple. By the way Alice, I like the photo of you on the railway track :-)