Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Walk with me through the Hortpark

My friend Lindy said that my posts give her a feeling of walking with me and seeing the things that I see along the way. I like that response to my post. I told her that even if one person is looking at my blog, it would be worth my effort create these posts. So here's another walk that you can enjoy with me by clicking on the photo of this flower here that I saw at the side of one of the glass houses at the Hortpark.


  1. It's 8 something in the morning. I really enjoy the vicarious experience of my virutal walk with you. Fascinating floral and fauna esp hanging floral and pebble (?) landscaping.

    I am sure my friend who now can't move around much but love flowers and gardening as well as learning will take delight in your blogs. Will let you know her 'name' so you can 'respond' to her.

  2. Glad to share my walks with you Lindy and your friend :-)

  3. Thanks for allowing us to cyber walk with you. Love the butterfly photo.

  4. I also enjoy 'your walks' ....

    here is one (of many) of my walks, some are here in Singapore:


    enjoy :-)

  5. Thank you Leone, I have enjoyed the marvellous walk along Petain road on your blog. I did not know that the houses there are so beautifully preserved. Thank you!