Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Southern Ridges

Walk with me along the Forest Walk linking the Hort Park starting at the Alexandra Arch and ending at Telok Blangah Hill where we continued our walk to Mt. Faber and then onwards to Vivocity along the Marang Trail.

When there is sunshine, there is rain
When the rain comes, remember the sunshine
Rain or shine, we will be fine.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Walk with me through the Hortpark

My friend Lindy said that my posts give her a feeling of walking with me and seeing the things that I see along the way. I like that response to my post. I told her that even if one person is looking at my blog, it would be worth my effort create these posts. So here's another walk that you can enjoy with me by clicking on the photo of this flower here that I saw at the side of one of the glass houses at the Hortpark.

Saturday, 25 June 2011


I've seen plenty of hibiscus flowers but never this one before. The leaves look like that of a climber and the flowers are small and delicate growing close to the ground. These were growing on the slope next to the Swan Lake near the Gazebo.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

West Coast Park

Today, my photos are brilliant owing to a beautiful day blessed by the sun and a gentle breeze and the gift of sight.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Purple flowers for Alice - Datura metel 'Double Purple'

 On this particular day that these flowers were photographed, at the Hortpark, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that half of my photographs were of purple flowers. I thought immediately of Alice who loves the colour purple. Today these flowers are for you Alice to commemorate our common bond with Prinsep street.

Argyreia nervosa - Elephant Creeper from India.

Cappertonia ficifolia (Bolo Bolo) from Tropical Africa.
Banana flower.

When I first saw this flower, I thought that someone had been mischievous and that the double petals were not real. However, the other flowers that had wilted looked like this one and that reduced the possibility of fraud. Anyway, I have never seen a flower like this one and could not find a picture of it in my books. It is really great that Pat (See comments for this post) provided me with an identification and description of this plant which is called Datura metel 'Double Purple'.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Walking along the Wallace Trail

A walk along the Wallace trail in the Dairy Farm Nature Reserve gave me the chance to get better acquainted with my Canon 100mm macro lens. There were frustrations when the images captured were not up to my expectation because I did not have the patience to use a tripod and to fine-tune the settings manually choosing to rely on the auto settings most of the time. Still, the walk was enjoyable. Click on the photo to see the slideshow.

My garden, my paradise

 There are so many photos I want to share
Time dismembered my being
and I am left holding the shreds
 fragments, moments, wondering...

My garden this morning was filled with happy blooms from my one hibiscus plant. A butterfly came to rest on a leaf of my bougainvillea but I could not get a good shot of its beautiful wings because a neighbour was in the line of sight and to point my camera in the direction of his face would have invited trouble. So for peaceful co-existence in the neighbourhood, I backed against the wall and took a shot of the beautiful butterfly from a slanted angle.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bukit Timah Hill

I have not been to Bukit Timah Hill for walks for some months. I went with a friend one morning when the weather forecast was 'rain with possible thunderstorm'. It was a good defiance of the prediction for no part of it came true. The walk was enjoyable as we walked along the Cave trail towards the Southern Hut and then made our way to the Northern Hut before turning back towards the main road and headed down the hill at the exit from the trail. The weather was cool and everything was lush and green after the heavy rains of the previous night. See the photos here>>>.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A garden in my dreams

I saw the movie "Lovely Bones" on the way back from somewhere on an aeroplane and in that movie Heaven was depicted as a place that I thought I would very much like to go to in the after life. But before I do, I would like to have a piece of heaven on earth someday in the form of a lush tropical Balinese-style garden like what I stumbled upon on Friday. This pedestrian walkway has been converted into a garden that I dream about by the Balinese Spa operating in the corner unit of a row of shophouses. Rhythmic Balinese music filled the air in a soothing melody to complete the heavenly atmosphere. Ah, for a piece of heaven in my garden, dream on!