Saturday, 28 May 2011

Monday, 23 May 2011

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Flowers in the sky

Flowers on the roof-top garden of the Orchard Central building.

Flowers of the Water Hyacinth.

Leopard flowers.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A fine day for walking

Each day I wake up and look out of the window praying that man-induced forest fires in neighbouring Indonesia have been miraculously deflected from our shores. This morning my prayers were answered and walking from Hortpark to Vivocity was an enjoyable activity during which we took in more than just the sights but also the fragrance of the flowering Tembusu trees along the way.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Vesak Day

Vesak Day commemorates the birth, enlightenment and attainment of Nirvana by Gautama Buddha. Nirvana is described as the liberation from suffering. Today is a hot day and the Buddhist temples will be receiving streams of devotees to offer prayers and respect to Buddha. I will stay home to cook a simple meal and thank God for today.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

West Coast Park

Walk with me at West Coast Park by clicking on the photo below.


There are two things I learned today. Firstly, I downloaded Picasa 3 and learned how to edit my photos with it. Secondly, I now know how to publish to my blogs on Blogger without having to access the blog from a browser. I chose this shot of the hibiscus in my backyard. It is the best amongst several shots that I had taken with my Canon 400D and the hardly-used Canon 100mm macro lens. This shot shows my hibiscus bloom at the pinnacle of its beauty. Tomorrow it will fade a little and the day after a little more and then its life will come to an end. I like the raindrops, the late afternoon light and the way it is partially hidden by the perfectly shaped leaf. Today is a good day.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hot Park today

The Hortpark should be renamed Hot Park today as I experienced the most enervating walk of my life. It was like the reverse of altitude sickness for me. My legs felt like lead and the sun was merciless taking revenge for all those days when it did not get the chance to beat us down with its power rays. How we missed those cool and breezy days in December, Jan and February when the Hortpark was just that - the Horticultural Park. Now it needs to have the letter 'r' dropped from its name to aptly describe the kind of treatment visitors get walking around its premises. Anyway I got my photos of the flowers, the trees and it was the highpoint of my walk - to be able to take photos after a lapse of a few days.

We started our walk from Kentridge Park and were greeted by the lovely scent of the flowering Tembusu trees.
At the back entrance to the Hortpark, we saw these sunflowers. Even they could not withstand the heat from their God.

The flowers of the Rangoon creepers were fading.

The sight of water was refreshing, for a while.

The giant Pelican Flowers were seen again. This time they were also planted next to the Butterfly enclosure.
Hedges not trimmed as neatly as before.

The graceful raintree, always there and even on a hot day, it looks cool.
Seats only comfortable in the evening.

Dangling flowers. I stopped to admire them.
Pagoda flowers in bloom.
The Kapok tree with fruits on every branch and each was bursting to release the seeds embedded in fluffy cotton.

Pelican flowers next to the butterfly enclosure.

Fungi! That was a surprise encounter.

A specie of rose that my mum used to grow.
Fruits of the gum tree.

Alexandria Arch.

Purple queen ginger plant.

Frangipani network.
I was actually interested in the bulbul.
Reflections of a hot day.

Trumpet flower trees were in bloom but they did not do so in unison.

What I call the Bearded Tree.

These make good Chinese cooling soup.

Leaves perspire too!

Flower of the Blue Pea Vine.
A garden snail helping itself to the lady's fingers.
Xue Mei flowers. Frangrant!
Water Lily.
Unknown plant but the pattern on the leaves was nice.

Thunbergia flowers.
Crown flowers.

Another sunflower against the cloudless sky.

Walking back to Kentridge Park.
Tembusu flowers.
Flowering Trumpet trees at the Kentridge Carpark.