Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday in the park - Pasir Ris Park, Singapore

Pasir Ris Park is a sprawling park at the eastern part of Singapore near to the airport. The age of the park is marked by the height of the trees. When my children were young we used to take them there quite frequently together with the family of another friend and we would usually hire bicycles for them to romp around the area. Now the trees are tall and their crowns give wonderful shade to people walking in the park. It was a wise decision that we hired bicycles for being on two wheels we had more freedom and time to check out how much the park has changed since those days when we took our kids there.

The starting point, next to the public carpark that is free as in FREE!
The first tree we stopped to look at was this Fishtail Palm (See previous post for more photos)
Beside the Fishtail palm was this Butterfly Pea tree (Clitoria Racemosa).

We rode on and saw a few people pointing their cameras and binoculars at this tree. Upon enquiry I learned that they were waiting for the mother bird to return to this nest to feed its young. Yes, there is a baby bird inside this nest.
Further on we discovered a sizable herb garden and spent some time admiring the plants there that were probably cared for by a group of volunteers. They are doing an excellent job here.
Water lettuce growing in a disused boat converted into a giant water container. Pity I forgot to take a photo of it.

I have not seen the flower of the papaya tree for a long time.
Pretty water hyacinth that bear a resemblance to irises.

A creeper with sweet yellow flowers and heart-shaped leaves. I do not know what it is.

A fruitful papaya tree.
The glow of this allamanda flower always warms my heart.

Flower of the lady's finger plant.

Flower and fruit of the roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa)
Looks like the flower and fruit of the guava tree but then I also thought that the fruit looks like the pomegranate.
Dangling purple beauties.

There were a few butterflies fluttering around these flowers and I got some shots of them doing what they do as butterflies.

This plant is interesting and I wish that this small herb garden with so many interesting plants would display the names and basic information about the plants.

We cycled into the mangrove boardwalk. The tide was rather high and I saw a mudskipper darting about in the water.

Cycling up to the highest point of the park.

Not Stonehenge of course. Just a place to have a good chat with some friends if only there were trees closer to it.

The tide was so high that the beach was completely submerged.
If I were younger I might have wanted to dance around these trees.
The river mouth.

Fishing lessons.
...and the river flows to the sea...

I just wanted to show how graceful this tree was. Unfortunately the lighting was not right.
Who ate this mushroom? A snail? A monitor lizard? A skink?
One and a half hour later, we had to return the bikes to the shop.

Getting into the car and heading home