Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hortpark later in the morning

The Tembusu trees have grown a lot taller since I started walking in this park.

Bright red flowers still holding their own despite the heavy downpour yesterday.
Another huge spiderweb.
Freshly-bloomed pigeon orchids.

A bubul wondering where it should go next.

Yesterday's flowers were gone.
A cherry-like fruit glistening in the sun.

Bauhinia Kockiana.

Buds of the Canna plant.
A vegetable garden.

Hibiscus enjoying the sunlight.
A cool place to be in.
Flowers of the Pride of India tree.

An eagle in flight.

Giant water lilies growing in the canal.

Young tree reaching out to the sky.


  1. The firt two photos dont looked like you are in quiet. Very beautiful photo of the bird and I guess your background photo is drawn by you. :)

  2. Yes Alice, the background drawing is mine. I posted it on my drawing blog. Kent Ridge Park is a very nice park for walks especially in the morning.