Saturday, 26 February 2011

Kranji Trail in Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve

This morning I saw nature through a different lens using my Canon DSLR 400D. These shots, except for the first one,  were taken with a 70 - 200mm zoom lens. There is certainly more satisfaction taking photos with a DSLR camera and these photos show my enjoyment of both nature and my camera. 

Approaching Sungei Buloh passing by the Kranji Reservoir.
Pagoda flower at the carpark of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

The start of the Kranji Trail.
A fat mudskipper wallowing in the mud.
Moss grows on mud.
A leisurely walk through the swamp and the tide was the lowest we encountered to date.
Another mudskipper.

Roots on the wetland.
Roots hanging from the trees.
Sea holly flower. Oh why does Blogger mess up my photos in this way?

Tilt your head to look at this beautiful sea holly plant.
Do the same for the fern.

A number of spiders were out waiting for lunch to arrive.

Malaysia just across the Straits of Johore.

The tide was going out.

Webbed-feet like appearance.

We heard the black-nape orioles and they were really elusive.
More spiders!

And for the first time, we saw these large snails with greenish shells.

Hello do you hear me?
Me too!

A fungus growing on the tree stump.
Ixora brightened up the walk.

Fruits of the Fish-tail Palm.

More snails.

Only one Sea Hibiscus graced our path.

The crabs came out to feed.
Leaf-covered path.

Stepped on something yucky.
Is there a pearl inside?
Don't mess with this crab.
The eyes, look at those eyes.

I am ready for some boxing exercise.

I am not, go away.

See you tomorrow.
This is Singapore, my home.
I am not selling at whatever price!
I am not a property agent, relax!
Flies having a meal.

Horseshoe crab that met a sad end.

I may be old but I can still pose for photos.

I really like these snails,
Some kind of illegal fish trap.


More spiders.
Different types of ferns on a tree at the carpark. 
Betel Nut palm.

New bamboo shoot.

Lantana flowers.

Leea Rubra plant.
A fern leaf.
Pond near the Visitor Centre.
Even a reptile needs some shade sometimes.
Alternatively, stay in the water.


Fly on Lantana flower.

Bamboo always brings with it a soothing feeling.
Back lighting.