Monday, 24 January 2011

Hortpark, Singapore - what the morning was about.

Shopping is our national past-time and I do succumb to sales and promotions now and then. But increasingly as I accumulate more years to my life I realise that there is a limitation to how much time there is left to do the things I want to do with the rest of it. Whereas in the past, shopping was an epic Saturday event for me, I find crowded shopping arenas claustrophobic and walking around with nothing specific in mind rather boring these days. Instead, I enjoy the presence of trees and plants and particularly, the colours of the flowers and leaves as they move on with time. Today I noticed:

The graceful crowns of the Albizia trees fanning out against the blue sky.
The freshness of these flowers as I looked down at the shrub from the steel bridge leading to Alexandria Arch.
A specie of the Saraca tree that I have not seen before.

String beans or long beans that I love when it is chopped  up and fried with eggs.

A pair of doves that were not afraid of me.

A plain-looking dragonfly that I almost missed seeing.
Transparent wings.
The spritely appearance of the  bolo-bolo flower.

Flower that lighted up the park.
Flowers and fruits of the Banana tree.

The full view of the Alexandria Arch from the side of the Hortpark.

Hibiscus flowers minus the sunbird that was visiting each flower as if it was meeting some kind of a target.

A Saraca Tree in bloom.

A yellow beauty absorbing the full rays of the sun.
To my walking partner, this post is for you.

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