Thursday, 6 January 2011

Brown Wood Owl in Fraser's Hill, Malaysia

I heard much commotion coming from high up in the trees above. It sounded like monkeys and as I moved closer to the source of the noise, I realised that some birds appeared to be harrasing something much bigger than them. And as my curiosity grew I backtracked a few meters to find out more. And then I saw a brown shape hidden by branches and leaves.
Then my heart skipped a beat for it was a huge bird. I was afraid it would fly away and I tried my best to catch a better view of it as unobtrusively as I could. I took a few shots all the while creeping closer to it. I stretched my camera zoom to the maximum.

The owl eyed me suspiciously and yet it did not move.
After a few shots I decided that since it was not going to fly away I should try to move to a spot where I could get a full view of it and I did!

I thanked God and my lucky star for being able to see this beautiful creature in broad daylight.
Later I saw a picture and description of the owl:
The Brown Wood Owl of Fraser's Hill - meeting you was a pleasure.


  1. Emjpy your 'photo story-telling. Keep writing for your and some other people like me to enjoy.

  2. Wow that's a good find on your hiking trip. Lucky you. It reminded me of the owls I saw when I was a child near my primary school.

  3. Thanks Lindy. Alice, lucky you to have seen it in your childhood. I never saw one till I walked along that nature trail and it was my third or fourth time in Fraser's Hill.