Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sungei Buloh Wetlands, Singapore - Mid-December visit

It was a lovely cool morning with a gentle breeze blowing and the sun hidden behind clouds that fortunately contained the rain well giving us a blessed day to explore the Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve in Singapore.
Migratory wader birds.

An active squirrel jumping from branch to branch with admirable agility.

Educational Tour.
Elevated breathing roots of the Mangrove trees.

Seen from a watch tower in the reserve.
Flowers so small amidst such big leaves that I thought that they had belonged to a climbing plant.

Green leaves.
I had expected to see flocks of egrets Instead there were isolated birds here and there.

A big crab going into its home.

Mudskipper's head.

Hard to photograph egret.
Another mudskipper surveying its surroundings.
Reflection of grace in motion.

Birds flying away at the slightest disturbance.

A crocodile here would have spiced things up.
A mudskipper near enough for a profile mug shot.

Another kind of crab.
Eagle flying away from me.
Johore Bahru town in the distance.
Graceful flights - there were two eagles swooping across the sky.

One of many monitor lizard residents in Sungei Buloh.
It sensed my presence.
A shy bittern.

A white-collared kingfisher that escaped magnification because I was so ill-equipped to photograph birds.

Looking at Malaysia.
Otters! They came, they swam and left as quickly as they had appeared.

This one came ashore briefly and I was fumbling with the camera. Still, I got it!

My prized shot considering that it was just a point-and-shoot camera I was using.


Ginger plant flower.

Monitor lizard, you could have mistaken it for a baby crocodile.

Swamp Fern.
The could be considered the pets of the nature reserve.

Patience and I got this butterfly nicely digitised.

Familiar flowers and fruits.